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About Me

I have always had a love for animals and fell in love with the Yorkie breed when fostering a little Yorkie named Magic.  I purchased my first Yorkie in 1999 and began my magical journey with Yorkies in my life.  I enjoy being owned by Yorkies and I love helping every pup become a wonderful companion for their new families.  I hand deliver every pup and give time, love and attention to my Yorkies, which I believe makes a world of difference.  I only have a few litters a year which helps me to keep everyone happy.  I enjoy maintaining long coats on my Yorkies.  I look at grooming  as a bonding and relaxing time spent with my babies and they do too.  Every one of my Yorkie babies has their own personality and different needs and it is truly like raising children who don’t mature and move out.  I believe to be a good breeder, you have to be willing to give plenty of yourself to your Yorkies.  I am a stay at home Yorkie mom which allows me to do so.  I am fortunate to live in Florida which is a very pet friendly state. I take my Yorkies to many social events.  This gives them and me a chance to socialize with new friends, both of the pet and human kind.  My hope is that every one of my little Yorkies will bring a great deal of pleasure to their new families.  I am very proud of my little Yorkie family and I hope to share some of our special times with everyone.  I designed this website myself, so enjoy.



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