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Buyer Questions & Answers

I hope that the following information will address some of your questions and concerns. 

How do I contact you about a puppy?

I prefer email as the initial point of contact for general information.  I will try to respond within 24hrs. Please include a phone number for me to contact you in your email to me.

Why do I have to fill out an application for a puppy?  

There are a few very important reasons why I require an application.
​ I want to make sure you can provide the care and attention that your new puppy requires.  
 Most people think of scams happening to buyers, but scammers also target sellers.   I also get scam emails, text and phone calls and I may not know that they are a scammer right away.  My safety is of great concern for my family and pets. This extra step should  help in protecting ourselves.   I feel that I should try to find every puppy the best home possible. 

How many breeds do you have?

I only breed AKC Yorkshire Terriers.
Puppy's AKC Registration generally is in limited status.  Your puppy will be AKC registered, but without breeding rights.  If breeding rights are something you are interested in,  please discuss this with me before purchase.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes.  I offer a 1 year limited Health Guarantee against certain congenital defects.  You will receive a copy of this guarantee when you pick up your puppy.  Please read my Health Guarantee.

Do you have the Parents of the puppy on site?
Yes.  You will be able to view the parents as well.  I may sometimes use an outside sire.

Will my puppy be vaccinated?

Yes.  Puppies receive age appropriate vaccines. 
Vaccines are given by a Licensed veterinarian and Bordetella is included.

Plan to go to your veterinarian to continue ongoing vaccines, heartworm medicine, flea control and any other necessary treatment that your puppy will require

If you don't presently have puppies available,  can I get on a waiting list?

Please contact me by email concerning a future litter.  This helps me to keep an record of puppy inquiries and I can contact you when a future litter is planned

.  ​
Do you accept  payments?

I will accept payments on puppies that are too young to leave my home.  Payments must start as the required  deposit and any additional funds toward the full purchase price of the puppy can be made until fully paid.  I will accept a Nonrefundable deposit when the puppies are 4-5 weeks old. The buyer must discuss with me  the payment plan before placing a deposit, to avoid any confusion.  All puppies must be paid in full by the time they are ready to leave for their new home.  Puppies are usually ready to leave at 9 weeks old, but this may depend on their individual development. 

What determines the price of the puppy?

You may be able to find a Yorkie priced lower than my puppies.  I take a great deal of time and effort in raising my Yorkies.  I only have one litter a year and take great pride in my puppies.  If you are looking for a quality, rare, or unique Yorkie, my babies are for you.  My babies are raised with underfoot with love and care in my home.   

Please be careful of Yorkie puppies priced very low as is may be a scam.  Every year I hear horror stories about people losing their money to puppy scammers. 

I picked out a puppy that I like.  How do I make sure it is not sold to
someone else?

Puppies are considered available until a Non-Refundable deposit is received.  

I will except deposit of cash, bank check, or any credit card through Pay Pal, Bank Transfers or Walmart to Walmart transfers. NO CHECKS!

Please note that you do not have to have a Pay Pal account to send a payment through PayPal.   It is a simple, safe and easy way to pay with a credit or debit card.  If making a payment using PayPal, please include a 4% additional charge to cover the PayPal fees.  Example: $500 plus 4% = $520.  Deposits are usually $500- $1000 depending on the price of the puppy and are NON REFUNDALBE.  

*You will receive other important information when you pick up your puppy.  If you are waiting to bring your puppy home, please take this time to pick up supplies suck as bedding, toys, crate, food and water dishes, leash, harness and food. 

If you have additional questions, I would be happy to discuss them with you through a phone conversation.

Thank You,