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Don't get scammed!

There are so many scams in the puppy business, that it can be hard to find a true breeder online.   

Unfortunately, this can turn what should be a happy experience into a nightmare.  Scammers actually

take real breeder puppy photos and other online puppy photos to use in their ads.

Online payments and the use of app based phone numbers have made it easier for scammers to take money from unsuspecting buyers.

There are a few things that you can do to stay away from a puppy scam.

Talk to the breeder on the phone.

Many breeders (like myself) may have a form to fill out for initial information concerning a puppy.  This helps them to get an idea

about the prospective buyer as well as to stay organized with the many inquiries about puppies and waiting list. 

After this initial contact, you should always talk with the breeder by phone before sending any money. 

A breeder will be happy to speak with you about their babies.  This is a time to ask and 

answer question for both breeder and buyer that will help in making sure that the puppy and new family are a good fit.   

Look for an available phone number on the breeder's website and check for a possible social media presence.  

Ask for an updated photo of the puppy.

Many scammers have taken pictures off of the internet that belong to other Yorkie owners.

Pay attention to the coloring, markings and general look of the puppy in question.

Keep in mind the age of the puppy may change a few things.

Scammers should not be able to show you updated photos of the same puppy.  

Beware of the inexpensive Yorkie.

The Yorkshire Terrier has been a popular breed for many years and with popularity comes a price tag.

Many purebred Yorkies can cost $2000. - $10,000.  Beware of Yorkies that are priced too low as this may be the sign of a scam.

Keep in mind that some Yorkies may be priced under $2000. but prices like $200-$600 should raise concern.  Scammers may also

have a story about them moving out of town and offering the puppy for free, but you pay shipping to get the puppy to you.  I have 

always listened to what my parents said to me growing up and that is "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is".  

These are just a few things to help you possibly avoid a scam.  Please feel free to give me a call if you feel that your future purchase

might be a scam and I can help by offering you a second opinion.  Though it may not be one of my babies you purchase,

I would be happy to help you safely add a new Yorkie to your family.


Kelly 407-314-2679